Saturday, February 21, 2009


Well i WAS planning to visit an old friend of mine that moved away about 4 years ago, but apparently he ditched me, haven't heard from him or anything....

and im BORED

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Nothing much happened today, we got out of school about 3 hours early for basketball, and i decided to spend it reading a webcomic and catching up on sleep....

im thinking about knitting a scarf, like those long scarfs that you see the stereotypical "smart wizard/librarian" wearing, and making it the thing that people remember me by at my school, but mostly cause its somthing i like.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Well idk....

I got pulled over in the hallway at school today for basically no reason other than to strip away another of my freedoms.... Some how someone found a piece of paper that i had been drawing on and apparently it had the words "life sucks" on it, now that is something that i regularly right on papers when im bored out of my mind, which happens often(i guess it should be "school sucks" but why not just include everything?)

looks like i cant draw pictures with my opinion on them anymore, atleast not without being extra carefull...

(this was all on a day that wasent a very good one to begin with)

Monday, February 16, 2009

No one reads this anyway....

I cant think of a way to get the word out about my blog and acquire a few readers, i mean sometimes i could really use some advice in my life.

if your reading my blog, at least leave a comment letting me know, i feel like its a waste of time otherwise...


Theres nothing to do, im getting tired of reading these webcomics all day, and there's basically nothing on tv, other than marathons that is, none of which im interested in watching.

gah, wish i had more to do in this town, but its to small, and theres basicaly nothing to just go out and do...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Alot on my mind.

Ive been reading quite a few slice-of-life webcomics lately, and it got me thinking; What about me?

ive never really sat down and thought about it but i dont really know what im going to do with my life outside of high school. I have tried to fool myself into thinking that computer programming is somthing that i would like to do, but i really dont think so, i mean ive tried to learn to program quite alot, and know a good bit about it, but its boring, and dosent feel like its what im meant to do.

other than that i dont have Any clue as to anything that would intertain me and make a good profetion for me, i was thinking at one point mabye musician, but i suck at playing an instrument and it would never work out.

i just dont know, and thinking abiout it dosent seem to help all that much, i mean im not good at much.

As for Love, if you relly feel like reading about me that much.

I dont even know were to begin, ive never actualy had a "girlfreind" or atleast no relationship that i would classifie as having one. I dont even have anyone that i like, and i dont know if I ever will, its just idk, anoying to know that you live in a place that has basicaly no one with anywere near the same intrests as you. i hope that will change when i go to collage, but first i have to figure out what i want to go to collage for.

well there you go, read if you wish, share your advice, ill read anything i can get...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The day After friday the 13th

Ah Valentines day, yes the one holiday i havent been able to celebrate once in the 16 years of my existences.

no girlfriend, probably wont get one for some time into the far off future.

ah well, at least its the weekend.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Well i have an extra long weekend now(out Monday) and its made all the more longer by the fact that because of a basketball game we got out of school at lunch.

Dont have much to do this weekend though, much like every weekend, im stuck at home, i am however getting a haircut tomorrow, not the most enjoyable thing in the worlds though.

and to anyone that wants picture, if anyone even reads this blog, the answer is no till i can find a way to update the way i look to my liking, and get rid of my acne.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Keyboard!

Its nothing special or anything, i gots a new keyboard(technically old, but it works great) today, which is great considering my old keyboard lost the use of its number pad and just about anythibng on its riught side when it brojke yesterday....

Im happy i guess.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bad Luck

Here's all the proof that i need that my luck is horrible.

1. Got only about an 1 1/2 hour sleep last night, and i had a history test today.
2. The setup for were my monitor is (suspended on a piece of particle board between 2 dressers) fell and almost broke my monitor, and damaged my keyboard a good bit.

kinda sucks.
idk, i guess ima just keep reading this webcomic till i feel happy....


Going to school, tell you how it goes when i get back, not really much else to say other than i got very little sleep.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I dont know why, it may be because i want to finish reading this webcomic that i just started, or it may just be my head messing with me, but i seem to be having minor insomnia, i really cant fall asleep and im hella tired.

meh, i guess ill go back to reading, hopefully ill fall asleep before i have to wake up tommorow.

Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog, there's not much i can say right now, but i guess i can tell you all about me, in list format.

1. I live in a small town in Alabama.
2. I'm sixteen.
3. I don't have a car or my drivers license, i do have my permit.
4.My school is based completely around sports, which i loath with a passion.
5. I suck as spelling, and firefox only helps a little.
6. I failed history my 9th grade year, and have yet to make it up in any summer school program.
7. I like music.
8. I like strange kinds of music, well not strange, just so many different kinds its not even funny.
9. I hate 99% of all metal.
10. I like to draw, but i suck, and can only make stick figures.
11. I play the keyboard(horribly).
12. Insert generic comment about a nerds life here.

So, i hope you enjoy my massive amounts of complaining to vent anger about my life, infact, after i graduate in about 1 1/2 years, you might know me better than i know myself. However, even though im going to complain a lot, i cant stress this enough, I AM NOT EMO!