Sunday, February 15, 2009

Alot on my mind.

Ive been reading quite a few slice-of-life webcomics lately, and it got me thinking; What about me?

ive never really sat down and thought about it but i dont really know what im going to do with my life outside of high school. I have tried to fool myself into thinking that computer programming is somthing that i would like to do, but i really dont think so, i mean ive tried to learn to program quite alot, and know a good bit about it, but its boring, and dosent feel like its what im meant to do.

other than that i dont have Any clue as to anything that would intertain me and make a good profetion for me, i was thinking at one point mabye musician, but i suck at playing an instrument and it would never work out.

i just dont know, and thinking abiout it dosent seem to help all that much, i mean im not good at much.

As for Love, if you relly feel like reading about me that much.

I dont even know were to begin, ive never actualy had a "girlfreind" or atleast no relationship that i would classifie as having one. I dont even have anyone that i like, and i dont know if I ever will, its just idk, anoying to know that you live in a place that has basicaly no one with anywere near the same intrests as you. i hope that will change when i go to collage, but first i have to figure out what i want to go to collage for.

well there you go, read if you wish, share your advice, ill read anything i can get...

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